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When Urgency is NOT Urgent

Okay, so here’s another one of my pet peeves – marketers who put the word “Urgency” in their email subject line.

I have received eight such emails in the last week alone, from different people on different topics.

UrgentWhenever I see the word “urgent,” my heart skips a beat or two. I’m sure that it’s related to the reaction I’veĀ  still had to anything emergency-related since Brianna died, but nevertheless, it’s still uncomfortable.

What’s worse is that when I open up the emails, there is absolutely nothing URGENT about it. To me that means that something must be done immediately to prevent harm or mishap.

I appreciate that fact that someone wants me to attend their upcoming webinar, but if I miss it, I’ll watch the replay.

Yes, your product launch window may be closing at midnight, but if I haven’t bought it by now, I’m probably not going to. If I am, I’ve probably made a note somewhere to remind me.

As far as that special download access link, it’s not really going to expire, so don’t try to trick me into thinking otherwise. I’ve seen your tactics for far too long. I only stay on your list to keep on top of the latest gimmicks in the internet marketing world.

I am a firm believer in expanding one’s vocabulary whenever possible, but it’s always a good idea to make sure you are using the most appropriate word.

P.S. – If someone comes to this post down the road looking for a way to prove that I don’t follow my own advice – hey, I’m not perfect either!

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