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New LG Optimus S Cellphones

My Sprint phone was due for an update about two years ago. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who does not enjoy change, so I’ve been living with the sticky non-working buttons for most of that time.

Dave, on the other hand, has been eyeing the smart phones for quite a while now, drooling over them, researching which is the best – typical man behavior. I guess the Android platform is going to be taking off and give the iPhone a run for its money.

Jim Cockrum told me how great having a smart phone is, so we finally decided to make the plunge since the phones would be free and all we would have to pay for is the data pack. We decided to go with the LG Optimus S and stick with the 3G network since we don’t get 4G up in the boondocks where we live. Dave got the charcoal version, and I, of course, got the purple one – yeaaahhhh! Jared lucked out and got a charcoal one as well since his contract was due. Annika will be eligible for her purple one soon. Even Aimee benefited because Sprint forces you to have the data pack on every phone, so she even has internet access now. Poor Bonnie is the lone sufferer, but at nine years old, what can she expect? To borrow Aimee’s phone, of course!

Phone arrival day was every bit as exciting as Christmas. If only you didn’t have to charge the darn things first! Getting the phones switched over and set up was kind of a pain, but eventually we got everything worked out.


Dave discovered the wild world of apps and I didn’t see him for a week!

Now when you consider all of the cool, helpful apps that are available, you absolutely first go to the game section, right?

Dave’s latest passion is playing Paper Toss, a simple little game where you throw a crumpled wad of paper at a wastebasket. The catch is, there is a fan blowing right next to you, so you have to account for windspeed when aiming. It gets even better – you can play not only in the office, but at the airport, in your basement, or in a public restroom as well. Wahoo!

I’ve got to admit that I really enjoy playing a couple of games of Andoku and Word Wrap right before I drift off to sleep.

I was watching the evening news to see what kind of snowfall we were in for the next day. The newscasters and weatherman were bantering back and forth about apps and one mentioned getting an aquarium app. What? I didn’t even think of it – that’s right up my alley – fish that don’t die! I actually paid $1.99 for an aquarium app and I love it! An added bonus is that whenever I need to occupy Bonnie, I just let her feed my fish. I’ve got the growth setting set to 10, so my fish grow at 10x their normal speed. It’s very cool to wake up in the morning and see how much bigger those darn fish are. (Dave says I need to get out more!)

It’s the small things in life that make all the difference, isn’t it?

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