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Protect Yourself – Check Your Search Phrases in Awstats

I’ve been in the internet marketing niche long enough to recognize some of the BlackHat techniques people use , and I discovered one that someone used on one of my sites.

As I was looking through my Awstats to see what kind of statistics I had so far this month, I looked at the Search Phrases section to see what people where typing in to find my site.

I found three phrases used by some nefarious character who was trying to find a way to download my product for free. The phrases were:

  • intitle thank you for your order! intext download
  • site .com intitle “thank you for your order” intext click here to download
  • thank you for your order download

There are many variations that someone can use to find pages on your site that you want to keep hidden but this gives you a good idea of what people may type. Now, I don’t put this here to give hints to people who want to steal products illegally, but rather as a warning to those who have worked hard to produce quality products and deserve to earn money for their time and efforts.

There are several ways to decrease your chances of having your product stolen. Here are just a few:

  • Avoid the phrases listed above in your download page title or on the download page – be creative.
  • Add a line to your .htaccess file to hide your download page. (Not totally effective but will at least help.)
  • For WSO products sold through the Warrior Forum, use WarriorPlus system.
  • Use a paid product like DLGuard or SmartDD (there is a free version.)

I hope the person who found my site wasn’t too disappointed – I haven’t set the product up yet so they only found a blank page – but thanks for the reminder to protect it before it’s live.

There is still no iron-clad guarantee that your product will be protected, but there are ways to make it more difficult. Find out what way works best for you!

intitle thank you for your order! intext download 1 33.3 %
site .com intitle ”thank you for your order” intext click here to download 1 33.3 %
thank you for your order download

LastPass for Storing More than Passwords

One of the tools I use every day is called LastPass – I wouldn’t want to be without it. I don’t even use the paid version – the free one works quite well.

Not only does it remember all of my passwords, but I can set up custom fields as well. It comes in very handy in filling out all types of forms.

Another really nice feature is that it is web-based. In other words, if you are visiting your grandparents out of town and need to access a site, but forgot your laptop (how could you do a thing like that?!)and your password (I do that all the time!), you can just go to your LastPass account and find all of your information securely there.

Many online marketers like to use another program called RoboForm, but LastPass works just fine for me. Check it out: (not an affiliate link.)